You got PLAYED

You got PLAYED

Deasey has your files. Check your email to find where Deasey has hidden your files. You’re done like a nun in the sun eating bun with a gun.




fu·sion [fyoo-zhuhn]
1. the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused.
2. that which is fused; the result of fusing: A ballet production is the fusion of many talents.
3. Politics .
a. a coalition of parties or factions.
b. ( initial capital letter ) the political party resulting from such a coalition.
4. Also called nuclear fusion. Physics . a thermonuclear reaction in which nuclei of light atoms join to form nuclei of heavier atoms, as the combination of deuterium atoms to form helium atoms. Compare fission ( def. 2 ) .
5. Ophthalmology .
a. Also called binocular fusion. the correct blending of the images of both eyes.
b. the perception of rapid, intermittent flashes of light as a continuous beam.
6. popular music that is a blend of two styles, especially a combining of jazz with either rock, classical music, or such ethnic elements as Brazilian or Japanese music.
7. Linguistics . the merging of linguistic elements, especially morphemes, usually accompanied by a change in the form of the elements.
8. (of food or cooking) combining usually widely differing ethnic or regional ingredients, styles, or techniques: a restaurant serving French-Thai fusion cuisine; a fusion menu.

1545–55: < Latin fūsiōn- (stem of fūsiō ) a pouring out, melting. See fuse2 , -ion

Related forms
fu·sion·al, adjective
non·fu·sion, noun

Can be confused:  fission, fusion.


C++ hacker in action

Guy’s mad.


Evan’s grades?

We check dat.

I asked my boyfriend to pram <3


It was easy like Deasey™.


I am the real Evan Deasey no one can stop me.


Get at me

I’m Evan Deasey, yes I’m the real Deasey
All you other Evan Deaseys are just imitating
So won’t the real Evan Deasey please stand up,
please stand up, please stand up?


Evandeasey vs dr dre

Hey Faggots,
My name is Evan Flinn, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
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