You wish your blog was as good as mine.

Peas and Cougars

On Tuesday night I worked forever on a post (two hours), and because I obviously remember nothing from college and the importance of saving every five seconds, my computer crashed and I lost it all.

I went through all the five stages of grief:

  1. Denial (maybe it auto-saved somewhere?)
  2. Anger (I hate everything)
  3. Bargaining (please, please be auto-saved somewhere)
  4. Depression (I quit)
  5. Acceptance (maybe a mysterious benefactor will decide to buy me a new computer after hearing this very sad story)

Anyway, I redid the comic because it made me feel better about losing the first one (rebound post?), but now it has no relationship to this post. Ahem. So let’s start over.


Some people daydream of having a better job or more money, but my daydreams usually consist of living in a different time and being miraculously cured of my seasickness.

I’m not always on a tall ship…

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