fu·sion [fyoo-zhuhn]
1. the act or process of fusing; the state of being fused.
2. that which is fused; the result of fusing: A ballet production is the fusion of many talents.
3. Politics .
a. a coalition of parties or factions.
b. ( initial capital letter ) the political party resulting from such a coalition.
4. Also called nuclear fusion. Physics . a thermonuclear reaction in which nuclei of light atoms join to form nuclei of heavier atoms, as the combination of deuterium atoms to form helium atoms. Compare fission ( def. 2 ) .
5. Ophthalmology .
a. Also called binocular fusion. the correct blending of the images of both eyes.
b. the perception of rapid, intermittent flashes of light as a continuous beam.
6. popular music that is a blend of two styles, especially a combining of jazz with either rock, classical music, or such ethnic elements as Brazilian or Japanese music.
7. Linguistics . the merging of linguistic elements, especially morphemes, usually accompanied by a change in the form of the elements.
8. (of food or cooking) combining usually widely differing ethnic or regional ingredients, styles, or techniques: a restaurant serving French-Thai fusion cuisine; a fusion menu.

1545–55: < Latin fūsiōn- (stem of fūsiō ) a pouring out, melting. See fuse2 , -ion

Related forms
fu·sion·al, adjective
non·fu·sion, noun

Can be confused:  fission, fusion.



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